Warehouses (also called Warehouses) are large storage areas for products.

The same company can have multiple Deposits either its own or outsourced and are the first-level physical place when identifying the location of a given product.

Unless the company has a single deposit, in which case we are talking about "The Deposit", you will want to identify them in some way. Usually some reference to your address is used to identify you (street, city, etc.) or function within the company organization chart (Casa Centra, Sucursal X).

One level below are the Locations.

Locations are sub-divisions within the same Deposit. The amount and level of detail of the Locations will depend on each particular Deposit.

An example of Location could be a particular shed (usually identified with a code or letter such as Galpón "A").

In that way, and following by example, within our Depot, which we would call Central Deposit, we would have the Shed A, Shed B and so on.

Ejemplo de depósitos y ubicaciones

Some companies require a higher level of detail when specifying locations, identifying within each Shed other location details, such as the Hallway, Floor, Shelf, Drawer, and other options.

In the case of E-Stock Web, the system allows to assign to the products in addition to the Deposit where they are located, a Location within it, being able to create all the necessary for the correct identification of the place where the is stored the producto.

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